Abstract – Drawing outside the lines

A few weeks ago I was talking with the new gallery director, Rebecca Quinn, at River District Arts in Sperryville where I am presently showing of my work.  We were discussing some spaces they wanted to place a few large pieces of work.  Somehow the topic of graffiti came up, I commented that I was sure I had some stock that may be suitable.

After returning and searching through some material, I came away with the idea to combine 3-4 images and just play with elements of each and see what might result and “draw outside the lines” for once.  I was able to come away with two 30x40in pieces that are outside the lines of my normal style of work.

It was a bit of a slow start but happy with the results for my first attempts for something other than normal static landscapes or still life type images.

Hope you find them interesting.

graffiti 2

titled – Fifty feet back


titled – Stuck on Money

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