Manassas Train Station Project

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Manassas Station Project

During the past few months I’ve been working with Katie Andrew of Kaleidoscope Framing located in Florida, to find an image of the Manassas Train Station for a customer.  Katie’s customer was looking for an image of the train station to use as artwork for display in a new property.  The property is just down the street from the train station.  The customer was the Interior Designer, Laura Heymann with Capreit  property management located in Rockville, Md.

Because I was working on another project for Kaleidoscope that involved the train station, I had several other images of the train station.  I was able to offer images with various lighting and weather conditions at different seasons.  I was fortunate to have one selected by Laura that met her needs.  The image was to hang on the entrance level at the end of the main hallway.

The image was provided to Kaleidoscope for printing, framing delivery to customer.  The printed image is approx. 40 x 60 inches.

Kaleidoscope is awesome to work with  and the team at Kaleidoscope did an amazing job as usual printing the photograph.  The presentation is wonderfu, printing of the image is spot on.  I am grateful to work with Kaleidoscope and be apart of the Manassas Station project.

Here are some samples of process and final print hung at the customer property, (click on image for larger view).

Manassas Train Station photo in production at Kaleidoscope

Instal manassas stay web-3614, manassas train station, manassas Instal manassas sta web-3522, manassas train station, manassas

printing at kaleidoscope, manassas train station, manassas

At the customer site, Manassas Station

Instal manassas sta web-0133, manassas train station, manassas Instal manassas sta web-0132, manassas train station, manassas Instal manassas sta web-0131, manassas train station, manassas

Cheers, m.

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